Parenting Resources & Support

Family Services provides a spectrum of In Home Parenting Support services to families that have experienced child abuse or neglect. Our trained parent educators visit families in their home environment and utilize evidence based curriculums to assist parents in learning the necessary skills for the healthy well-balanced raising of children.

Family Services also collaborates with the Tulare County Sheriff’s Office to provide the “Gang Awareness Parenting Project” where trained educators provide parenting skill development and violence prevention education to at least 40 incarcerated individuals with a child age 5 or younger and their co-parents or children’s caretakers at home.

Additional Parenting Support services include:
    • Co-Parenting – Therapists facilitate a structured program for former spouses or partners who will remain Co-Parents long after divorce.
    • Divorce Focused Parenting Classes – Parent educators follow a structured curriculum adapted to the concerns, challenges and experiences of separated, divorced or re-married parents.
    • Family Re-unification – Sometimes called therapeutic visitation, this service uses therapists to re-introduce and facilitate the establishment of a positive relationship between children and a previously unavailable parent.

    Please contact us at 559-741-7310 for more information about our Parenting Resources & Support.

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