Mental Health Services


Family Services’ Counseling Center has offered individual, marriage and family counseling for over 20 years. Our staff of Marriage and Family Therapists and Clinical Social Workers is committed to providing quality therapeutic services to persons who otherwise might be unable to obtain counseling for economic, special needs, or other accessibility reasons. We help individuals and families make choices and changes to best adapt to their specific situations and maximize their emotional health.

Individual and Family Counseling may address a wide variety of social and emotional issues such as: adjustment issues, depression, anxiety, addiction and recovery issues, grief and loss, and relationship issues. Family Services’ Therapists can provide written reports for clients or third parties requesting domestic violence perpetration, or other specialized assessments.  Included in our Individual and Family Counseling program are counseling/educational groups for special needs or special populations. These include: Parenting Education Classes offered in various locations around the County, Anger Management, and Services for the Developmentally Disabled. For more information about Individual, Marriage and Family Counseling, contact us at 559-741-7310.


Family Services opened the Children’s Counseling Center in 1990 with a goal of creating a safe place for children and teens to express their fears and concerns, gain confidence and self-esteem, strengthen their resiliency, and heal themselves from the challenges they may encounter. Family Services’ trained children’s therapists provide specialized treatment to children and teens experiencing trauma.

Other areas of specialty include Dealing with divorce or re-marriage in the family, Loss of significant people or attachments and relationship and communication issues with parents and siblings.

Our services may be covered by private insurance, fee for service, Victim’s Assistance and/or other government grants if applicants qualify. Children in need of medical evaluation or medication will be referred to other providers for this aspect of treatment.

For more information about Children’s Counseling, contact us at 559-741-7310.

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